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Caught up with wonder

Christmas: A One-star Review

    The Christmas Star is more than an ornament and you are too! There is a dark world waiting for you to be who you are. Christian light is a unique light and our world needs it.

    Standing on Yesterday

      Have you ever thought about yesterday, today? The opportunities you have today are often the result of what happened yesterday. If yesterday was good, you are likely optimistic today. If yesterday was bad, you likely lost sleep and feel as… Read More »Standing on Yesterday

      4 Ingredients for a Delightful Heart

        Do you know anyone who lost the joy of their salvation and stopped following Jesus? Here is a recipe for cultivating a delightful heart that continues to follow Jesus

        Instruments of Salvation

          God has big plans for you! If you are a Christian, God sees you not only as a person of influence, but a life-changer; and “instrument of salvation.”

          Saved and Saving Others

            The Gospel of Jesus Christ is meant to overflow in the life of every believer. Today, Evangelist Jason Betler shares from the book of Romans.

            How to Kill Worry

              I used to be a real worrier. Thankfully, with the Lord’s help and the comfort of His word, I worry a lot less than I used to. Instead of fear killing our faith, watch this video to allow faith to… Read More »How to Kill Worry

              And That is What Happened

                In this Episode, Father and Son discuss the profound truth in Genesis 1:24. “And God said,… and that is what happened.” It is as true today as it was at the beginning. Whatever God speaks will come to pass!

                God Cares About Everything!

                  Stir faith to believe for miracles in every part of your life; body, soul, and spirit. (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24) PLUS: A powerful testimony you won’t want to miss.