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My Time with Reinhard Bonnke

    I woke up unusually early this morning, only to find out my spiritual father, Reinhard Bonnke has graduated to heaven. After waves or tears, reflection and more tears… I thought how wonderful it must be for him – to be welcomed by Jesus Himself and the millions of heavenly citizens from Africa and around the world who were saved through his amazing ministry.

    A Very Personal Reflection

    Pastor Bonnke often told me the only thing he only wanted his tombstone was “he preached Christ.” However, in so-doing, multiplied millions of people have been gloriously saved. And the fire of the Holy Spirit has kindled millions into active ministry, and it could not have come through a better example.

    I was blessed to know Reinhard (Pastor Bonnke) up close as his personal assistant for a few years, and our friendship continued. He was not only my boss. He became a friend, mentor, a spiritual father. And what I can tell you is this: There has been no one like Reinhard Bonnke.

    • no one prayed like he did
    • no one preached Christ like he did
    • no one called sinners to repentance like he did
    • no one ministered in the Holy Spirit like he did
    • no one plundered hell like he did
    • no one populated heaven like he did

    …and quite personally,

    • no one loved me like he did. I felt more like a son than his assistant.

    Through his ministry, I found a wife. He has held all three of our children in his arms. He held me up when no one else would. He looked deeper and cared more for my well-being and saw more in me than I did for myself at times.

    I was often amazed at Pastor Bonnke’s humility. He embraced me and I discovered what friendship was. Through life, conversation and reading Scripture, he shared more about Jesus than anyone ever has, and it has changed my heart and ministry. He showed me how to pray as we prayed together. He taught me how to preach. And he modeled how to believe with all of your heart, move in faith, and to trust in the power of the Holy Spirit. He taught me how to preach Christ.

    I must preach Christ

    Angelique and I, along with our family will forever cherish Pastor Bonnke, and express our love to Anni and the entire Bonnke family. You are loved.

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