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Evangelism Workshop (Report)

We had a wonderful workshop on 25-26 July. Attendance was not large but our time was certainly fruitful. the Nations Hope was pleased to welcome Matius Arif to share at our Sons of Abraham workshop. The

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Evangelism Training in Malaysia

We believe part of the vision and purpose of every evangelism effort must include the equipping of the saints for ministry. Pastors, Apostles, Evangelists, Teachers, & Prophets are all necessary to

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Nusakambangan Prison

What a joy it was to work with friends at Nusakambangan prison in Indonesia for their first-ever Christmas celebration! Nusakambangan is a notorious maximum security island prison off the coast of Java.

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REPORT: Dobo, Indonesia – Part 3

Return to Part 1 of 3 | Part 2 of 3 MIRACLE ZONE Nevermind that Wamar Island is known as a demonic stronghold, Jesus was present to heal and Dobo suddenly became a “miracle zone.”

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REPORT: Dobo, Indonesia – Part 2

Go to Part 3 of 3 | Return to Part 1 of 3 JESUS’ PEOPLE ARE BIBLE PEOPLE Volunteer counsellors from local churches in Dobo were standing by to welcome new believers. What a blessing to see

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REPORT: Dobo, Indonesia – Part 1

Go to Part 2 of 3 | Skip to Part 3 of 3 Dobo, is a town located on Wamar Island (part of the Aru Islands) in the eastern part of Indonesia. For many, it may seem to be a long way out of the way,

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