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2 Dads with 2 Daughters!

    More “interest” than it is ministry news… My friend Bryant and I are proud to have earned the trust of our wives. We were each allowed to take our 9-year-old-daughters (BFF’s) on an overnight missions trip to Batam, Indonesia! The result was a time they will never forget. *Special thanks to Pak Lexi and his team in Batam.*

    We met and ministered to a seaside village and to children in a humble local church on the first day. Our Sunday was spent in a slum; serving, sharing the gospel, doing crafts, singing (Jason) and telling stories (Bryant). We were able to distribute food to many of the communities as well.

    Us “dads” didn’t do all the work. Both Anya and Juoleanne did a great job. They motivated one another and grew up before our eyes!

    DADS do their families and the world a great service by exposing their children to missions and the needs of the world.

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