September 27


Salvation! …in Sabu, Indonesia

By Jason Betler

September 27, 2013

Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost. (Luke 19:10)
He is still in the seeking and rescuing business! Hundreds responded to the
call of salvation when we preached the good news in Sabu, Indonesia!

Jesus is alive in Sabu! 
Jesus is alive in Sabu! 

The evening meetings were very productive. After worship,
Pastor Paulus Wiratno began to encourage the gathering crowd of people. He
shared his personal testimony of how Jesus worked in his family and how the
Lord had healed him of cancer.

I followed with the gospel message and prayer for the sick.
(I do believe I got the best part.) My friend, Setiawan Wibowo was busy
interpreting as we saw the altars filled with people welcoming the Lord God
Jesus Christ into their lives.

What a glorious sight to behold as they raised their hands
toward heaven in response to the offer of salvation. Tears of relief filled
many eyes as they found their way home to Jesus. And in my mind, I seemed to
imagine tears of joy on the face of their Savior.

Two altar calls in Sabu where hundreds personally responded in faith to the call of salvation on the field. ...and unknown number of listeners also responded as they listened by local radiio! 
Two altar calls in Sabu where hundreds personally responded in faith to the call of salvation on the field. …and unknown number of listeners also responded as they listened by local radiio! 

Many people came to Jesus for the first time. Others for the
last time. (We do not know how many days we have to turn to Christ.) Still more
because they lost track of time, and realized they had strayed. Whatever the
case in each life, God was being glorified. After years of evangelism ministry,
I am convinced that nothing is more beautiful than a person giving their life
to Jesus. (And nothing is more necessary!)

Our team was very aware of the presence of the Spirit of God
as He moved mightily upon the people; especially during the preaching of the
gospel! One young lady, a local minister and evangelist came forward to tell
the crowd how Jesus touched her own heart that night. She was moved to
forgiveness and repentance.  Many others
responded to the local radio station, also sharing how Jesus had touched them
and even led them to salvation.

As we boarded the small 12-seater plane from Sabu, my heart
was thankful. Praise the Lord for all He has done in Sabu!

Next, we continue to pray and plan for our next Hope
Festival scheduled to take place in November. Please pray with us for the
continuing ministry effort. We are determined to win as many people to Jesus as
possible, as quickly as possible and through as many people as possible!



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About the author 

Jason Betler

Jason Betler is the founding evangelist of The Nations Hope. He is an ordained minister with The Foursquare Church and a missionary with Foursquare Missions International (FMI). His work and ministry are especially focused on Southeast Asia.

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