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Betler Family

We Have Arrived!

    I am writing to you from our home in Singapore. Our family arrived in October, passed through the required quarantine period (due to the pandemic), and managed to rent a place to stay. We have been reconnecting with friends and… 

    One Month to Go!

      In exactly ONE MONTH, the Betler family will be returning to Southeast Asia. This move has been on their heart for a long time. But by the end of September 2021, the Betler family will be back in Asia. They… 

      Pakistan Praise

        A few months ago, we worked with some partners n Pakistan to do something a little different. We coordinated a small “virtual” gospel gathering in a Pakistani village. A local pastor and church was on-the -ground and supporting, while I… 

        Returning to Asia

          Jason Betler and family are returning to Southeast Asia in 2021. As the world finds a way forward through the 2020 pandemic, we are reviving The Nations Hope to reach and meet the needs of people throughout the region. Please… 

          Christmas: A One-star Review

            The Christmas Star is more than an ornament and you are too! There is a dark world waiting for you to be who you are. Christian light is a unique light and our world needs it.

            Standing on Yesterday

              Have you ever thought about yesterday, today? The opportunities you have today are often the result of what happened yesterday. If yesterday was good, you are likely optimistic today. If yesterday was bad, you likely lost sleep and feel as… 

              One Million Faces (Story)

                Dreams can be important, powerful and sometimes forgotten. Some of them are also fulfilled when we are unaware. This story of God’s faithfulness reminds us He brings all His promises to pass.

                4 Ingredients for a Delightful Heart

                  Do you know anyone who lost the joy of their salvation and stopped following Jesus? Here is a recipe for cultivating a delightful heart that continues to follow Jesus