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Hope Festival – Kuala Kapuas

A Journal Report


The following is a meeting-by-meeting account of our time in Kuala Kapuas, Indonesia 5-8 October 2010.

Day #1


More than 2000 people came to the indoor stadium in Kuala Kapuas for the opening of the Hope Festival. We were blessed by the ministry of the local churches. The worship team was wonderful and led all of our hearts into songs of praise to Jesus.

More than 200 people made a decision for Christ. Some persons also received a healing in their bodies. I expect these numbers to continue growing as the faith of the people continues to build upon their hope in Christ.


Day #2


A collection of local Pastors and Church-workers gathered for the morning sessions. They were encouraged to preach the gospel and reminded of the necessity of the Holy Spirit in ministry.

It is always interesting to be in a new area with new people. The first day is a great time to share my heart for soul-winning/evangelism. We make certain that the participants are challenged up front. We are a soul-winning ministry. Our passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ must be contagious or these meetings would not serve their purposes.



1500 people attended the second night of this campaign. It looked like half of those in attendance came forward to make a decision for Jesus Christ.

There were many healings being reported tonight. And just when I thought we were finished, more were waiting to come onto the platform to tell what Jesus had done for them. …A young lady had pain in her thyroid and was told by her doctor that she would need surgery. It was touching how she told that Jesus had healed her! She could not feel the lump anymore and had no pain at all! …One woman received sight in her left eye. …Another could lift her arm where her shoulder had been too frail to lift it before the meeting. …A man came to tell how he had been in an accident and hurt his knee. He could hardly walk and always had pain. Jesus healed him and he stood beside me squatting and jumping on his new knee. Praise God!

Perhaps the most touching image in my mind is that of a young lady who came forward to receive Christ. She stood quietly with tears running down her cheeks; tears of pain from the past mixed with gratitude for the liberty she was now finding in Jesus Christ. It was a holy scene of true repentance.

It was truly a precious evening of ministry.


Day #3


This morning I preached to leaders and church-workers on trust and then two sessions on the Holy Spirit. It was so good that I was blessed while preaching! Here are some of the thoughts that blessed me…

“Jesus sent us the Power because He sent us to preach.” There is a purpose for the power of the Holy Spirit.

“Preaching the gospel is not our occupation. It is our pre-occupation.” Our minds and hearts shall be captivated by the gospel of God.


 Attendance waned tonight. This is VERY unusual during our Hope Festivals. In fact, this has never happened before! Our attendance has always increased from night to night. (The same is true of our morning sessions for pastors and church-workers.) However, even though the crowd was smaller, the same big and wonderful Jesus was present to save! The power was the same power. Salvation and forgiveness still the same. That being said, there were still salvations and some healings that took place.

It is difficult to say if the rain was to blame for the low attendance, but the rain did affect this campaign. The final meeting was scheduled to be in the open field near the indoor stadium. However, the rain persists every afternoon; all afternoon. We will hold the final meeting in the indoor stadium. 


Day #4


More than 150 church-workers filled the church were we were. All were blessed. I preached on the blood of Jesus and then on the Holy Spirit and fire in our two sessions. The meetings ended with prayer to receive Holy Spirit Baptism. It was a good ending to our time together. As I preached, I could a lost see a change; an awakening taking place just by observing their faces.

Again, I also blessed myself quite accidentally. The Holy Spirit was the leading-man!



Tonight was a full house! More than 2500 people were in attendance; 2000 people inside with another 500 listening outside the doors. Local entrepreneurs and street vendors took advantage of the opportunity and served the people outside the stadium. J  More than 400 people prayed to receive Christ tonight. The altar area at the front of the meeting was filled with people who were hungry for Jesus in their lives. 

There were a few miracles worth noting here. A young boy and his sister were both healed of pain in the abdomen. …An older man told how God had healed him and expressed his gratitude to Jesus with tears. Beautiful.

We closed the Hope Festival with a time of prayer for the city of Kuala Kapuas. The people have been so friendly and helpful. It will be hard to leave in the morning.

Asia must be Saved!

Jason Betler

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  1. Love it Jason! love seeing what God is doing through you! be blessed and keep up the good work for the Lord! Mark.

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