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Three-Year Old Gospel

    Jesus ComfortsMy three-year old daughter heard someone leading a group of people in prayer to receive salvation through Jesus Christ. “What are they doing daddy?” she asked. It is a common outgrowth of curiosity and concern at this early age. “The man is telling people about Jesus,” I explained. “When a person lets Jesus in their heart, He comes and takes away all of the bad hurts. Then we stop crying and say thank you. Isn’t that great?” “Yeah Daddy!” came the sweet reply with big smiles accompanied by her twinkling eyes.

    The gospel is powerful at any age. It is impressive to see a child grasp things that adults often find impossible. For the past year, I have watched how our daughter has found comfort in the promises of Jesus. If she feels fearful entering a dark hallway, she will often turn to her mother or myself and ask “Mommy, is Jesus here?” “Yes, He is here,” we reply. “Ok Mommy” says the little voice, and she moves forward with confidence. The darkness is no longer a factor.

    Jesus promised never to leave us nor forsake us. He will never leave you or forget your needs. Even in the darkest moments, He is there. Fear is gone. Hurt is not made numb: it is removed. “We stop crying and say thank you.”

    It is wonderful that the gospel of Jesus Christ can shine in such simple language. God’s gospel is glorious. Even more glorious is that its simple truths stoop down and are able to be explained to a three-year old. What a marvelous Jesus.

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