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The Devil… a “Discount Shopper”

    When I was younger, I heard someone say that they sold their soul to the devil. It is a point of fantasy in some movies and entertainment, but is that really possible?

    I have heard of desperate people in Java who sell their own soul or the soul of a relative to a demon (or false god) in order to achieve wealth or success in business. In desperation, their personal comfort exceeds their common sense.

    Prostitutes repeatedly sell their bodies along with their dignity. In many cases, the fight against their conscience has long been over and they continue, their deeds being fed by the hopeless panting of their souls. However different a these lives may appear, they have both done the same. They have each decreased their personal value and discounted their souls; thinking they were worth far less than they are.

    Oh how God wishes we knew our worth! We sell ourselves for far too little and insult Jesus in the process.

    I like the phrase “You are Christ’s.” (1Cor.3:23) You and I are not meant to belong to anyone but Jesus Christ. He has paid for us in full and at the highest possible price at the cross. By His purchase, there is ownership and a rightful belonging. Our lives are His. It is Christ Jesus who has died and risen to justify the sins of sinners. The price of His blood totals more than the universal sins of all creation.

    I think of how my wife loves me, but still Scripture tells us that God even has the numbers of our hairs numbered. (Matthew 10:30) And some of us loose hair every day which makes it difficult to keep inventory! And I have never been awakened at nigh by my wife trying to count each individual hair on my head and I doubt that she is even so interested to know it. But God also knows the number of our sins (which are even more numerous than our hair). Our sins are numerous and the blood of Christ has paid for them all. For every close shave and even the hairiest of sins, Jesus has paid for the all. We belong to Him.

    If we belong to God, then Jesus has determined our value. And no one can pay or offer more. It is impossible. The only way to be lost is to give yourself away. To do so, you will have to decrease your value; sell yourself at a discounted price.

    You cannot sell your soul without decreasing its value. And you are far too valuable to sell yourself to sin.

    The devil is a “discount shopper.” He searches for a discounted price and will never pay what you are worth (because he can’t!). The devil can only have you if you discount your true value.

    Beauty and value are in the eyes of the beholder. When Satan looks at you, he does not see value. He will buy at low cost and think nothing of wasting you. But when Jesus looks at you, He reminds you that He has paid everything; given and risked everything for you.

    The cross of Jesus Christ promotes the value of human life. Everything else is a demotion. People judge according to their opinion of the individual. We look in the mirror and think of our age, productivity, inabilities, etc. We compare to others or what we think we should be or could have been. We think of why we don’t measure up to our standards. Every time we do, we look at the wrong standard. We will always come out lower than God has intended.

    If you want to know what you are worth; if you want to know the truth and your value, look to Jesus. You are not for sale. No one can afford you now. You are extremely expensive and the prize of heaven!

    Jesus is the highest bidder of your soul. You are not for sale.

    The auction is closed. “You are Christ’s.”

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