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Healing Week: “Some Fast, Some Slow”

    The 10 lepers heard the words of Jesus, “go show yourselves to the priest.” (Luke 17:14) I imagine these leprous men making a mad dash for the temple. People on the street would see them coming and jump out of their way. “It is ok,” the lepers would cry out. “Jesus said we are healed. I am on my way to prove it!” The Bible tells us that they were indeed healed “as they went.” (Luke 17:14) These lepers had faith even when their leprous limbs slowed their journey to the priest.

    Like medicine, some results come quickly while others are slower and progressive. But a patient does not change or stop taking the medicine if there is no immediate result. At one of our Hope Festivals in Indonesia, a man with a tumor (weighing 3 kg.) on his neck went home without his healing but still believing Jesus. In the morning, his tumor burst and he received his healing! It was not immediate, and many healings take longer.

    Some healings come fast. Others are slow and progressive. But faith in Jesus Christ as healer does not change on a case-by-case basis.

    If Jesus says you are healed, you can believe it. Run with the news. Proclaim it. Healing is on its way!

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