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Healing Week: “A Journey in Faith”

    I remember as a boy, I once took special interest in Jesus and the Bible. What was the truth? I wanted to know. So, as a young reader, I began to plod my way through the New Testament; “the part about Jesus.” 😉

    As I read, I was shocked to find that Jesus healed people! I quickly picked up my Bible and ran to the nearest adult. “Does Jesus really heal?!” I asked. “Well…” came the reply, “that is what the Bible says, but it really doesn’t mean that” was the answer. I could hardly believe my ears, but they were the adult. “They must know better, right?” I thought. The childhood faith that began to rise within me crash-landed in my soul. It was a crushing blow and I recall the feeling of hope departing. It would be quite some time before I picked up my Bible again.

    I tell that story to show two important things. First, It is obvious that Jesus healed in the Bible and He wants to heal. Every person who reads the Bible can see it. There is no special secret for healing. If the reader is honest enough and believing what the bible says, it becomes obvious that Jesus heals.

    Secondly, the adult that gave me the answer was not to blame. What they told me was what they believed and were taught to believe. And unfortunately, it is what many well-meaning church-attendees are taught to believe as well. We have been given one life to live. Why waste it on unbelief?

    Since that time, God has restored my faith. I have seen Jesus healing in action. Hundreds of faces come to mind when I think about healing. Some have been almost unbelievable while others are as small (but just as significant) as a headache. Whatever the sickness, it was Dr. Jesus who did the work, and He still does it today!

    It is impossible for me to believe Jesus does not heal. No matter what your previous experience has been. …Jesus is the healer!

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