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God Alone Will Question You

    “Now prepare yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer Me”

    Job 40:7 

    bible_studyTo say that Job had a precarious dilemma would be an understatement. Two times, he had lost everything and he was now afflicted with a terrible disease that looked as if it would take his life. Painful boils covered his entire body to the point that even his best friends could scarcely recognize him.  

    He was in terrible pain and unable to sleep. Even his tolerant wife told him to curse God, but he would not. But Job did begin to despise his own life; not understanding that it was because of God’s approval of him that the devil was allowed to test him. His life was on display before all of heaven and all of hell. (This is no different than your life and mine, every day. Our lives are being watched.) 

    As he began to contend with God, Job was confronted with a seemingly masculine challenge. “Now prepare yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer Me:” and the cool wind soothed his aching sores. 

    God did not ask him to act as a sick man, or even a dying man. He asked Job to get his thinking straight. The devil could not touch his thoughts unless he had given in to this hopeless frame of mind. The moment Job began to despise his own life, God seemed to cry out, “nonsense! I made you!” 

    Now was the time when God would remind Job who was in charge. Job was not responsible for the outcome, but he was to be held responsible for the way he lived his life. He would be accountable to the one who is in charge. Job had to answer to no one else, but God alone. 

    There are times in our walk with God when we will have to answer the “tough questions.” We will have to compare our experience in life to the impeccable word of God. Have the decisions of our life been initiated by our humility, obedience, and in the fear of God? The results and the residue of our decisions do not lie.  

    Success is measured by no other standard than a person’s faithfulness to God’s word. Jesus’ death on the cross was not for the benefit of financial gain. The size of a bank account, number of cars owned, popularity, and status will all fade in the moment of testing. They all fail God’s test. Even the hard work of our hands (even in ministry) will not last if it is not done out of simple loyalty and faithfulness to His word. 

    We must be honest with God and ourselves. It is our responsibility to hold our lives accountable to the word of God.  This is “preparing yourself like a man” (or a woman). Does your life meet God’s challenge? 

    Take His word to heart. Adopt it as your standard, and your life will be full and without regret! 

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