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Far Away People

    My daughter presented this interesting phrase to me. Still new to Singapore, she still misses the country of her birth. So we occasionally talk about why we moved so far away from family and friends. “We had to come so far to tell people about Jesus” I told her. “For ‘far-away-people?” she said. “Yes, I replied. You are right. We have come so far for “far-away-people.” She soon fell asleep, but the profoundness of her statement was still indented on my mind.

    God is present everywhere. We are never “far” from Him; although it seems to feel that way at times. But God calls us “lost” if we have not trusted Christ. Even though we may be standing right next to the Almighty God, God will call us “lost;” a “far away people.” Jesus went so far as to give His life for “far away people.” While on earth, He wrapped his arms around men, women and children. They were still far away people; even while in the grip of His embrace. It was only through His death on the cross that human kind could once again draw near to God without fear. Jesus had gone further than a loving hug. More than just showing love. He took love to its ultimate end. And gave the ultimate sacrifice.

    How far do we wish to go for “far-away-people”?

    It is all too easy to allow ourselves to be complacent with what opportunities lay at our feet. The heavenly mandate of the gospel includes them, but also requires initiative. The power of the cross is far-reaching. So we must also be “reaching far.”

    “Far away people” are waiting… for you!

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