August 13


Don’t Give Up

By Jason Betler

August 13, 2009

Life is not always easy. For me, there are often many personal challenges. This is especially true when the ministry is doing or about to do well. (www.nationshope.org) Then there are the times when there is a challenge to the ministry and our family is doing better. Today was one of those days. …tough.

But I have something to say.

Perhaps it is the evangelist within me. Or maybe it is my deep-seated love for the wonderful people of Asia.

I have looked into too many desperate eyes. Eyes belonging to people who have been crushed by sin. People whose dreams and hearts seem to have deserted them altogether. They no longer feel love because the love they had been given has betrayed them. But still they unknowingly wait for love to find them. Without even knowing, they wait with thirsty souls; souls thirsty forthe salvation only Jesus can give.

In my mind, I can see every one of them. A multitude of millions with screams that can only be heard on the other side of silence. As though the empty space in their heart is crying out through the hazed look in their eyes. “Don’t give up,” they say. “Please don’t give up.”

We will not give up. Asia must know the love and salvation of God.

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About the author 

Jason Betler

Jason Betler is a passionate evangelist; turning hearts to Jesus. He is founder of The Nations Hope, and missionary to Southeast Asia.

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