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Away In A Manger

    camels and kingsChristmas is a wonderful time of year but for so many people, Jesus feels so far away. Many will be humming the tune of “Away in A Manger” thinking that Jesus is still far away. They live their life accordingly, without hope, without peace and without joy. To them Jesus is still somewhere else; somewhere far away, poor and helpless as a baby in a feed trough for a crib.  

    Doesn’t that describe each of us without Jesus? Without Him, each of us are far away. We are helpless and bankrupt in our hearts. We stand before God having nothing to offer. There is no room in God’s presence for sin. A heart filled with shame can feel as if it is far away from Him.  

    God’s rescue plan was initiated by Jesus coming as a seemingly helpless baby. Normalcy was overcome, however, by the bright star overhead which seemed to follow the infant everywhere His family would move. Shepherds from the countryside traveled to His bedside. Then, some wise and wealthy magi came from a great distance only to pay homage, a tribute from their own resources. They were Eastern priests from a hereditary class in the east who appeared to acknowledge Jesus; another baby boy who would inherit an even greater priesthood than anyone before or after Him. 

    Imagine what must have gone through the minds of Jesus’ mother Mary and earthly father (Joseph). They were simple people of very simple means. They must have been overwhelmed when the magi brought such priceless treasures as gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Joseph had the cool and calculating mind of a carpenter. He must have been wondering how God’s plan was going to fit together. What were God’s plans and how would He  accomplish His purposes on earth? Mary’s sense of wonder raced as they spoke together of the unusual events surrounding this little boy. 

    Those magi (wise men) traveled so far from the east to the west to see the Christ child. For them and their caravan, Jesus was far “away in a manger.” But that is not the case today. Jesus has come to help us; to deliver us from sin.


    Jesus is very real and very alive. He is present right now where you are. There is no need to beg for Him to be with you when He has already committed Himself to helping you. Ask Him to forgive you of bitterness, sin and unforgiveness. He will remove all guilt and shame.

    “As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our sins from us.”

    – Psalm 103:12


    Ask Jesus into your heart. He will be close and your sin will become far away; further than the most distant star.




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