October 26


A Picture of Daddy

By Jason Betler

October 26, 2006

oldpic_daddyI recently heard the story of a little girl who was born during the second World War. Her father was an American soldier, a pilot who was shot down, captured and sent to a prisoner of war camp. His safety and time of release was uncertain. It looked as if his baby girl would grow up without her daddy.


Day after day the girl’s mother would show her an old photograph of the imprisoned fellow. “This is your daddy” she would say. “This is your daddy.” Several years passed unnoticed to many, but the little girl continued to grow.


When the war ended, the father was released from prison. He immediately returned to his family and was received by his wife with open arms. However, when the little girl was asked about her “daddy,” she would run to find the picture. “This is my daddy,” she insisted.


No one relates to God as He actually is. We all relate to God according to the picture that we have of Him. The accuracy of our picture is important, but the reality is larger than our mental snapshots. Like the little girl, we can neglect the reality of knowing Jesus and fail to experience the real benefits of His work. We can be thankful that He is not limited to our photograph.


Allow Scripture (the Bible) to adjust your mental picture of God. He will become real to you and change your life. Jesus does not hide from anyone. He has chosen to make Himself knowable. “This is your Daddy.”



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About the author 

Jason Betler

Jason Betler is a passionate evangelist; turning hearts to Jesus. He is founder of The Nations Hope, and missionary to Southeast Asia.

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