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A Different Set of Rules

    Soul-winners are naturally expected to engage life through a different set of rules.

    Of course we must strive to follow the laws that apply to goverment and courts, but there is a standard to which every child of God should acknowledge. It is a choice to challenge ourselves with God’s standards.

    We are Christ’s witnesses. Our responsibility is great because the privilege is great. We do not represent ourselves, but walk with humble love because we have been humbled by forgiveness. Our personal reputation is unworthy yet we seek to establish a good reputation of peace, honesty and trustworthiness because of who we represent. We are remaining here to pursue the interests of someone else. Our Savior, who came to love, befriend sinners and to give His life for them.

    The love of God leaves us speechless. In His presence, we have nothing to offer, but still, Jesus chooses to represent us in heaven. He makes us all look good.

    If you know Christ. He represents you well.

    I ask you …and myself. How do we make Him look to others?
    What set of rules guide your life?

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