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SMS / Texting Follow-Up

    Using SMS/text messaging has become one important way in which we follow up with new believers after a Hope Festival event. From our last Hope Festival in Kaimana, Indonesia, we have maintained contact with around 400 new believers through SMS to encourage them in God’s word and connect with a local church. This support is continuous for 8 weeks.

    Below is a recent report and a handful of testimonies I received from Bowo who is our volunteer in Indonesia who is handling the SMS follow-up:

    “We still get testimonies & prayer requests from many places not just from Kaimana. Some of them ask us to stay connected with them, I encourage them to have a local church and build fellowship with pastor/other believers near them.”

    *Praise GOD! first of all, i’am a mother, i’m so grateful because of his great love, that God has sent His servant Jason Betler came to kaimana. I got many miracles and things to be witnessed. My eldest son jay rexter emmanuel (4yrs old) has healed from his throat infection, he used to murmur because of his pain, but now he never says, “mom, my throat is so painful”. Second, my baby john mark anthony (1yrs 3 months), he got diarrhea for almost 3 months, we brougth him to the doctor for many times but there’s no good result. After my family came to hope festival last month, my son can pup normally!! +628219924xxxx

    *thanks for your ministry, we have great reconciliation in our family, also thanks for your prayers. God bless. +628219892xxxx

    *i’m Z. Nxxx, i’m in Fakfak prison but i’m so thankful and still receiving Jesus’ love here. +628219874xxxx

    *shallom, praise The Lord we are so grateful for your prayer and each time we receive your sms, we believe only Jesus who heals and gives salvation. +628219892xxxx

    *i know i’m a sinner but Jesus helped me already. when i was in prison i was operated because of hernia, all i did was praying because my family can’t afford the operation cost, but someone has paid all my bills. I realized Jesus helped me trough him. prison’s bar can’t block Jesus’ hand to reach me, amen. Y. Txxxx. +628124884xxxx

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