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Nunukan, Indonesia

    Later this month, we are expecting God to do a new thing in Nunukan(new-NEW-kawn). This town located in the Eastern Kalimantan region ofIndonesia is eagerly working and preparing for a touch from God.

    Our upcoming hope festival will be in Nunukan, 28-30 April. The saving newsof Jesus Christ will be preached over three nights. (It will be four fulldays of ministry altogether.)

    I am personally always excited to preach the triumphant good news of Christto the masses. However, it is even more exciting when it is known that thelocal churches also become serious about sharing Christ with their friends,relatives and neighbors. The churches in Nunukan see this upcoming HopeFestival as a great opportunity.

    Can I challenge you to do two things?

    1. Please pray now for the upcoming Hope Festival and great harvest ofsouls in Nunukan, Indonesia 28-30 April.

    2. Pray that all the needs for this event will be met.

    3. Pray for the salvation of your own friends, relatives andneighbors! Turn your conversations with them into an opportunity..Conversation is worship when it leads to the cross of Christ.

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