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Pastor Jack Hayford

    Last week was a surprise and a blessing to me. Pastor Jack Hayford is well-known around the world and during his visit to Singapore last week, I was able to get to know him better. Then through God’s providence I was able to accompany him to a pastors’seminar in Manado, Indonesia. I was told that around 700 pastors were in attendance and it appeared to be the case. Pastor Jack was the main speaker. I had only intended to come to help where I could and was not scheduled to speak at the seminar. But in a turn of events, my dear missionary friend Jerry Stott asked me to also take one of the sessions. “Yes” is the only answer a preacher can give to an invitation like that.  It was a complete blessing to participate and to share my passion for the gospel and people with these Indonesian church leaders. 

    I enjoy getting to know such men of God like Pastor Jack Hayford. We met only briefly several years before while I traveled along with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. But to have the chance know a man of God (and others like him) is a great joy of mine. The trails they have pioneered in Jesus’name will continue in the hands of the next generation. Tales of experiences endured, decisions made, Biblical insight and their example are treasures.

    May the present generation of ministers run their own race as fully and faithfully as him.

    Thank you Pastor Jack. You are a true blessing to the body of Christ and the coming generations of Spirit-filled ministers around the world.

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