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Kuala Kapuas… a short report

    The Hope Festival in Kuala Kapuas was a success! Hundreds of people have responded to God’s call of salvation. Others received a miraculous healing.

    Our team was told that this was the largest gospel gathering Kuala Kapuas had ever seen! An estimated 2,500 people attended the final meeting.

    The very first meeting saw 190 decision cards completed by persons who decided to follow Jesus. In the final meeting (our fourth night), around 400 people came forward acknowledging that they also received forgiveness for their sin and are now followers of Jesus Christ.


    There were also numerous testimonies from people who received physical healing during the meetings. A young lady was healed from a painful and enlarged thyroid for which her doctors were pressing her to have surgery. But Jesus healed her on the second evening; no more lump and no more pain. The Lord has healed her as well as many others.

    More than 150 church-workers attended the morning training and equipping sessions. The Holy Spirit was present to challenge and minister to everyone. It is our hope that many of these participants receive a passion to also preach the gospel and move in the power of the Holy Spirit. Evangelism is not the work of one person or certain ministries. It is intended to be the pre-occupation of every believer in Christ Jesus.

    Our partners and supporters make all of these efforts possible. Although they are not part of our daily operations, I consider them part of our team.

    Look what the Lord has done!

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