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Having a personal connection to missions (and missionaries) lifts the whole church! Through our "twelve" campaign, we are making it accessible for everyone to connect and be encouraged. 

Partner with us and invite your church or Bible study to join you.

Become part of what God is doing in Southeast Asia.  

You are invited

to send a missionary family

The Betler family are being sent out as missionaries to Southeast Asia and invite you to partner with them. 

When you do, you will become a part of what God is doing through them—fulfilling the Great Commission; to "go—making disciples of all nations." (Matthew 28:19)

It is the privilege of every Christian to tell the world about Jesus any way they can

(Jason & Angelique, Juoleanne, Jonathan and Jeremiah)

Asia is well-known to the Betlers. They previously lived in Singapore and ministered across the region for more than 10 years. After pastoring in the United States, they are committed to return. 

Jesus has commanded them to GO—and with your help, they will be sent.

Partner at just


The good news of Jesus Christ is essential and we will do whatever it takes to make sure the world knows Jesus saves!

So we are making it easy for every Christian to participate and help send Pastor Jason and his family to minister in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other nations in Southeast Asia. 

Can you partner with us at $12 per month?

Who knew it could be so easy for everyone to join in?

Partners will receive (1) regular updates from the Betler family and (2) a special weekly video from Pastor Jason—to keep all of us focused on the mission; the Great Commission. We want to see Jesus at work in your life too!

Choose to be a partner at $12—$25—or your own amount. If the Lord is placing a different amount upon your heart, simply obey Him. We just want you to be part of what God is doing.

special letter to pastors

Dear Pastor,

Your ministry is important to us and we want to be a blessing to your church.

A personal connection to missions can help church-goers become strong disciples.

Having your people involved in missions [at any level] strengthens the culture of a local church. That is our heart.

"Twelve" is an easy way for your people to benefit from partnering at a small monthly amount of around $12... or whatever amount they choose (allowing the Lord to lead).

Our goal is simply to have as many people as possible, helping to support so that we can in-turn encourage them from the mission field, to reach their own mission field; to more generously serve in their local church and community.

Each week, our partners receive a "gospel-nugget" in a short video that we send via email. These videas are designed to clarify the gospel and call God's people into action [wherever they are].

To get them involved, we simply need you to share and ask them to partner.

We strongly suggest the following:

  1. SHOW our video at www.NationsHope.org/twelve during a regular service and ask them to personally support as the Lord may be leading them. Remind them they are the church and therefore responsible for reaching the world for Christ.
  2. SHARE this page (www.nationshope.org/twelve) on your church's social media page. Remind the church they have an opportunity to give.
  3. REMIND the people on the following Sunday (and on social media) that they still have an opportunity to give.

    By personally asking people to partner, the giving will have greater blessing to the church and will also avoid becoming another item on your church's mission budget.

    Please contact us with any questions at hello@nationshope.org

We honor you.
Jason Betler


Become a partner

Your prayer and financial support allows us to focus on making disciples of all nations.


Be super-blessed

You will be prayed for and encouraged through ministry updates and video devotions.


Share the reward

God is glorified when we work together. It's an honor to share the joy of the harvest with you!

Give to Partner

Thank you for your generosity!


Think of 12 people

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to recommend this page to 12 people you know.

Inside information

A Jesus story

Jesus loves people... but they don't know it until we go and show them.

One night in Sorong, Indonesia, I stood in front of 6,000 people. I told them Jesus heals and then prayed. It seemed no one believed me until a girl [with a muslim name] quickly walked toward me. The crowd erupted with shouts of surprise and praise to God!

Everyone knew knew this girl and her tragic story. Complications with meningitis had left her bedridden and physically unable to walk for the past 8 years! But now, everyone knew Jesus was faithful and deserved all the glory.

Thousands of people called upon the name of Jesus Christ that week; declaring Him to be their Lord and Savior. And so many people were healed that the news reached the local hospital. Patients hitched a ride in ambulances to come to the meeting for an appointment with "Dr. Jesus;" the Lord, their Healer.

To top it all off, when our team was on our way to the airport, the local imams (muslim clergy) sent a representative to thank us for coming, saying "this was good for our people."

The good news of Jesus Christ is for every person, neighbor and nation.

Our family is returning to the mission field to continue this type of work, and we would be honored to have you partner with the Lord in this ministry.

Together, we can make an eternal difference!

Ministry background

We have been involved in ministry for 19 years.  Here is a summary of our journey (so far)...

  • Jason and Angelique met while serving in Reinhard Bonnke's ministry: 3 years
  • Started "The Nations Hope"—ministering across Asia: 11 years
  • Pastored a local church in San Jose, California: 5 years
  • Now... Returning to Asia in 2021!

As we prepare to return to Asia, we remember many of the prayers we had sown there so long ago. Our hearts and faith overflow with expectation. All things are possible to those who believe. (Mark 9:23) And that kind of believing comes by knowing Jesus.

We still believe--more than ever--Asia must be saved!

A good opportunity

Jason and Angelique launched The Nations Hope in 2005 with a shared love for the people of Asia. They became associated with The Foursquare Church in Southeast Asia and later in the United States  where they pastored.

With pastoral experience behind them, they set their attention toward returning to the Far East and were also asked by regional Foursquare leaders in Asia to return under FMI; Foursquare Missions International. This designation opens some exciting and new opportunities throughout the region. 

The previous years of experience, combined with new and old friends provide a great foundation for fruitful work. 

The family will base in Singapore and assist with Foursquare churches while also mobilizing the body of Christ. They will also be busy overseeing churches and outreach in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The Work in Southeast Asia

Strengthening churches

Churches are salt and light to the world

Serve alongside national churches (urban and rural) to promote fruitful discipleship, leadership development, outreach and church unity.

Reaching people

Extending the gospel beyond ourselves

Evangelism is the main emphasis; using city-wide festivals, prayer networks & more—to equip Christians and lead as many as possible to Jesus.

Making disciples

The fruit of a disciple is another disciple

Discipleship efforts will be ongoing [inside and outside the church]; helping Christians develop personally, relationally, and spiritually. 

Kind words

Reinhard Bonnke 

Evangelist (1940-2019)

[Jason's] special calling is Asia. God’s hand rests mightily upon him and I believe the Lord will use him to shake whole nations.

George Butron 

Missionary (Asia/Global)

Get to know the Betlers and be encouraged by their joy and passion to touch people with the truth, love and power of Jesus.

Dennis Balcombe 

Pastor (Hong Kong)

[Jason] has ministered all over Asia and understands the needs of Chinese and other Asian. I can highly recommend him.


Weekly video... for our partners

We are producing a series of video-shorts called "Mission Matters" for our ministry partners. Each video is 2-3 minutes long and can be used by churches or individuals (for personal or public use). This series focuses on Christian mission—making your faith more meaningful to you and the world around you.

Check out the promo!

the promo will be your first video, starting seven days following your first gift


We are praying for hundreds of people like you to stand with us. AND we are praying; believing for thousands of people to know the Lord in Asia.

Please join with us in this effort so the Betler family can be funded and able to advance this kingdom work.

Share this page on social media. Ask friends to help circulate and recommend it as much as possible.

If you are a pastor, can we ask you to share this opportunity with your congregation [and ask them to partner and share it with others]? (see "special letter for pastors" on this page)

Churches tend to grow in proportion to the congregation's commitment to missions. Through individual partnership, we hope to also be a blessing to your church and community. 

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The Nations Hope Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States. 

All gifts are tax deductible.

Jason is an ordained minister with The Foursquare Church and missionary with Foursquare Missions International (FMI). You can find the Betler's official Foursquare Church giving page here.

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