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Standing on Yesterday

    Have you ever thought about yesterday, today?

    The opportunities you have today are often the result of what happened yesterday. If yesterday was good, you are likely optimistic today. If yesterday was bad, you likely lost sleep and feel as though you have painful decisions to confront. Today is directed by yesterday.

    How do we deal with yesterday?


    Our friend Moses had a bad yesterday when he killed an Egyptian soldier and buried him in the sand. The next day, when trying to make peace among the Hebrews, the people confronted him. “Do you want to kill me as you did the Egyptian yesterday?” (Acts 7:28) People remember. So Moses fled. It took a lot of courage to return and confront His past. He had to stand strong in the Lord build a new history for himself and for Israel.


    The first one to get out of the boat and walk to Jesus on the water and the first disciple to declare Jesus as the chosen Son of God was Peter. That’s good. One night while Jesus was being beaten, he denied Him three times! Following this embarrassment, Jesus was raised from the dead. He then confronted Peter, asking “do you love Me?” (John 21:15, 16, and 17) He asked three times because Peter denied Him three times! Ouch! Peter responded to his chance at redemption, and we find him speaking for the church on the Day of Pentecost. (Acts 2)


    Saul (not yet Paul) stood in agreement as Steven was stoned, then proceeded to persecute and imprison the church. After meeting the Lord on the way to Damascus and being converted, he found the church did not trust him. He was known by what happened yesterday. Church leaders had to accompany Paul until a new set of yesterdays, a new history could establish Him. (Acts 9)

    No matter what your yesterday, today is a new day. Make it count. Will you do what you did yesterday?

    Do today what you can stand on tomorrow.

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