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 Returning to Asia

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Help take Jesus to the nations

You are an important part of what God is doing right now. Whether you realize it or not, the decisions you make today will determines how the Lord can use you in the future.

Our family has gone “all in” – to make the move to Southeast Asia and serve as missionaries.
We would be honored to have your support.

Your support would help get us back on the mission field.

Give one-time to move us there… or give monthly to keep us there. 

As we pray, there is a sense of urgency. This is the time to get into position and be ready. And I would say the greats days of the church are upon us.

There is a whole new world of opportunity following this pandemic. Hope is in short supply. People all over the world are more aware of the limitations of finance and government, and the frailty of life.

If we do not go to the people, who will tell them Jesus saves?

There is always a cost to steps of faith, but there is always a reward in partnering with the Lord.

Thankfully, we have lived in Southeast Asia before. Our third child was born while living in Singapore. We have loved the people and have been loved by them. We have prayed together. Wept together. Believed God together. Win or lose, we have done our best to stand in the gap, not as foreigners, but friends who love Jesus and love them.

With your help, the ministry will be able to build quickly upon our existing [and some new] connections in the region. Asia is ready for harvest… and so are we!

All hands are needed on deck! Your involvement could be critical. So we are asking those who can, to help. And those who can easily help pay; to also pray. 

We think highly of Jesus! …and He has been preparing us over the past 19 years

  • Jason & Angelique met while serving in the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke: 3 years
  • Started "The Nations Hope" - ministering across Asia: 11 years
  • Pioneer and pastor local church in San Jose, California: 5 years
  • Returning to Asia in 2021!

With God, all things are possible. Yet, we only make this possible when we go!

You and I may be “the key” to the vehicle God uses to birth this next breakthrough in Asia.

You and I will be surprised by the things God is able to do.

Please consider doing what you can, and believe with us for what is possible in God.

I would be honored for you to stand with us to bring Jesus to the nations. 

Today is the day of salvation!

-Jason Betler

The good news of Jesus changes hearts, minds, neighbors and nations!


The Nations Hope is a ministry dedicated to leading as many people to Jesus Christ as possible, through as many people as possible, ...while it is still possible.

National Leaders

We believe in the power of the gospel to transform nations through their own people. Therefore, we utilize national teams in each country, to work and pray and see their own possibilities in God.

Mobilizing the Church

Teaching happens by doing. Churches change through action. Followers of Jesus pray, heal the sick, make disciples and share with family, friends, neighbors and nations about the faithfulness of God.

City-wide Hope Festivals

Working to unite local churches and leaders, we have seen Jesus save souls, heal the sick, and bring hope.

Euipping Believers

The joy of seeing the church confident in faith has lasting impact on local communities.

Thank you for your support


...counting down the days

Summer 2021

Staying in Touch

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Spelling out 2021:

Our plans for this year are coordinated into 4 parts


Fund it

The first 6 months of 2021 are focused on funding and preparing for the move and monthly support for our family.


Move it

The transition from the United States to Southeast Asia has many moving parts. (housing, transport, school) 


Get set

Reconnecting and getting up-to-speed and with all God has been doing in the region. 



Active evangelistic ministry is our objective. This is the payoff: souls for Jesus!

Did you know?

  • The Nation Hope is 100% partner-supported

Meet the Family

Our children were raised in Singapore their first seven years of life.

Now, we are looking forward to serving in Southeast Asia together.


Born in Singapore. Family comedian. Home is where the internet is.


Thoughtful. Roller coaster fanatic. Gaming and riding scooter are his thing.


Seafood lover. Hopes to get into a good school. Sweetest 16 year old ever! 


Originally from Germany. Get things done and keep us all together.


Super determined. Fun and gospel work go together. Likes to play guitar (loudly).

Please pray for us

Personal but important
  • Pray for or visas and overseas arrangements 
  • Schooling arrangement s and tuition (for transition) for the kids
  • Funding for living expenses, rent, insurance so we can settle quickly
Ministry preparations
  • Pray we are able to meet all the filing requirements in each country in a timely manner
  • Favor with the leaders, communities and our coworkers 
  • Pray for more open doors for the gospel! We want souls!

Where funding is needed

Relocation and regular monthly support are needed. Actual living expenses also considers a small allowance for essential travel to establish the work in the region.


USA to Malaysia / Singapore





  • Visas
  • Shipping essentials
  • One-way flight to Asia
  • Essential furnishings
  • Unforeseen (COVID)
Monthly Support

Living and basic regional travel expense





  • Rent and utilities
  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Schooling for kids
  • Transportation

One-time gifts will be used for our relocation. Recurring gifts will be considered to be monthly support. Additional support will be leveraged to develop and grow evangelistic efforts of The Nations Hope.

  • We are currently entering the process of obtaining visas in Singapore or Penang, Malaysia
  • The amounts shown (above) are estimates only. Locations such as Singapore typically incur a higher cost of living. Please contact Pastor Jason for latest details. hello@nationshope.org

Affiliated with The Foursquare Church

A Personal Connection

Jason is an ordained minister with The Foursquare Church. He was provisionally licensed while in Singapore. This is also the same denomination with whom the Betlers pioneered the church in San Jose, California.

Angélique and Jason are currently in process to be officially recognized missionaries under the missions arm of the movement; Foursquare Missions International (FMI).

The Betlers will be coordinating and working closely with Foursquare churches and leaders in the Southeast Asia region.

Target take-off date

Summer 2021

Be part of what God is doing in Asia through this ministry.

It wouldn't be the same without your help.


  • The Nations Hope, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. All gifts are tax deductible.

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Thank You

We appreciate your generosity. Let's make an eternal difference together!

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Frequently asked questions

Who is involved with this effort?

The Nations Hope, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit, incorporated in the State of Florida. 

The Nations Hope is also a registered Society in Singapore. This base of operations will be revived.

Jason and Angelique will also be operating and serving as missionaries with The Foursquare Church, or "Foursquare Missions International" (FMI)

The Nations Hope has an already established network across Southeast Asia. 

What will the family be doing?

Jason will be hyper-focused on rebuilding The Nations Hope in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and across Southeast Asia. This includes coordinating with leaders, teaching, preaching and mobilizing the church. It is a grind that he thrives in! 

Angelique excels with international communities. As the children will be involved with schooling, Angelique will likely be leading 1-on-1 Bible studies. She uses the bible to teach English and minister to the families. This has been very fruitful!  

What is so unique about The Nations Hope?

The Nations Hope is focused on evangelism. We don't get "lost in the weeds." We bring churches back to being gospel-focused, relying on the Holy Spirit and prayer. Our efforts have also brought tremendous unity to churches.

We will be making great efforts to call churches to prayer, partnership for the gospel, and bring courage to the church in areas where their courage has been failing. (this is a huge need in Asia)

Where will the Betler family live?

Currently, we don't know! So please pray for us. 

We will likely be based in Penang, Malaysia. However, we absolutely adore our many friends in Singapore and will be "anchoring" the ministry there (in Singapore).  

Why does the Betler family need to go?

Asia has always been on our hearts and minds. It is where the Lord is placing us and it is for what He has prepared us to do. It may be difficult to explain to some, but we have a tremendous love for the people. Angelique and Jason both know they are called to serve in this region. Their youngest child, Jeremiah was born in Singapore. Their other children were raised there from a very young age. 

Why choose Southeast Asia?

The Betlers have a love for Southeast Asia and the Far East, and they know this is the place the Lord has placed them to serve. They have never thought of themselves as expats. They do not go for the money or to be tourists and have a good time. 

Southeast Asia is beautiful, but from a gospel, it is challenging and a lot of work! It is a quilt-work of cultures, languages, religion, and people groups. Somehow, they see Jesus at work there. 

How will The Nations Hope proceed?

Structurally, the ministry will "anchor" itself in the region in Singapore, but the Betler family may reside elsewhere (to steward resources more effectively).

The Nations Hope will be rebuilding as we re-engage with our network in the region (with new and old friends), through prayer efforts, media (in multiple languages), City-wide Hope Festivals, partnerships and special projects that provide a Gospel witness. We are committed not only to working with leaders, but to equip and mobilize the church at large. We desire to see and confident church in Asia; strong in faith. 

(We also hope to add disaster relief efforts as there is much need throughout the region; mudslides, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanos, and other natural disasters are an open door which many churches would do well to serve better.)

How can I stay in touch?

The Nations Hope newsletter is the best way to stay in touch with Pastor Jason and The Nations Hope. You may also email us at hello@nationshope.org to talk with us, or contact Jason. 

You can also visit www.NationsHope.org and Jason's new blog at www.PastorJason.blog

Contact us

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • 250 S 5th St., Ste 150, Boise, ID, 83702, USA
  • hello@nationshope.org
  • 6692387616