Lord, give me a Kingdom Heart

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  • Learn to identify the kingdom of God
  • Discover the keys to God's kingdom operating in your life
  • See the world with a heavenly perspective
  • Capture God's heart to impact the world

Webinar Schedule

East Coast USA (EST) 
Thursday, April 29th @ 8:00pm
Thursday, May 6th @ 8:00pm
West Coast USA (PST) 
Thursday, April 29th @ 5:00pm
Thursday, May 6th @ 5:00pm
S.E. Asia (Singapore) 
Friday, April 30th @ 8:00am
Friday, May 7th @ 8:00am

Without a focus on the kingdom of God, you will serve other kingdoms.

This free, two-part Zoom webinar will help you see the kingdom of God at work in your life, the impact it has on others, how to stay focused on God, share in fulfilling His purposes, and more! 

This is not only information, it is kingdom formation. Seeing the world through Jesus' eyes will change the way you pray, think, relate to people... and make your life more fruitful and rewarding.

Get ready!

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