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Growing. Louder.

We are building in 2023; like a “crescendo” in music as sound grows from from soft to loud, we will be raising a voice for the Gospel to the nations throughout the year. Find our how your can be part of what God is doing through The Nations Hope in Asia.

Building in 2023

We are building throughout this year.

While many voices are speaking of doom and gloom, we are building with God’s hopeful future in our hearts. The Lord is faithful and mighty to save! The Great Commission is our mission.

This year will be a “crescendo” of Gospel-ministry; soft at first but growing stronger throughout the year.

In the video above, I share the mindset that moves us “into all the world” and what to watch for as we build in 2023:

Q1: Office Space (in Singapore) & new Podcast
Q2: New Training Seminar
Q3: City-wide Gospel Campaign
Q4: Two more City-wide Campaigns

We are believing for significant growth as a ministry and to see at least 8,000 people come to know Christ this year. But I cannot do this alone. Our budget and personnel need to grow in order to reach this mark.

I would like to ask for your partnership; to help build The Nations Hope this year.

Can I send you a proposal outlining the costs associated with this endeavor?

Your friendship, partnership and prayers really do make a difference.

I look forward to your response and for the fulfillment to everything the Lord has prepared.



Please let me share more

Please contact me directly to find out more and for our proposal for 2023.

+65 97374129


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