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Evangelism Training in Malaysia

    We believe part of the vision and purpose of every evangelism effort must include the equipping of the saints for ministry. Pastors, Apostles, Evangelists, Teachers, & Prophets are all necessary to the work of God. They are ministers with an additional call; to equip the saints (believers) for the work of ministry. Yes, God’s esteems every one of His people as workers in the end-time harvest of souls. In God’s kingdom, there are no spectators. No “lookers.” Only “doers.” You can easily see where the kingdom of God is advancing wherever you see “workers.”

    I was in Penang for a wonderful time with a most fantastic church in January 2014. Many new friends were made. More importantly, however, was the opportunity to test some evangelism training material that has been in the works for a while now. Attendance over three evenings of training varied slightly, but the participation was good and it was very encouraging to see the Word of God challenging the people. (I hope to put the material onto DVD later this year.)

    My days were filled with food. Makan over here and makan over there… but at every stop, we were either encouraging one another in the Lord or witnessing to a friend or associate of one of the church members. It was wonderful.

    One afternoon, I was invited to meet in a friend’s business and hear him tell his co-workers what Christ had done in his life and in his heart. His appreciation for the Lord and the love he had for his co-workers was amazing. I shared a short message about Christ. And at one point, ladies started leaving only to return with boxes of tissue (which they found difficult to share). What they did share was an impression upon every heart. It is the impression of the good news of Jesus Christ. 

    :: Due to limited space on our website, we are only able to share a few highlights of our work in Asia. But I felt that this month, you needed to know that we are always taking steps forward not only in our campaigns but also behind the scenes. We greatly value the efforts of the local church and the call of God on every believer. Please pray for us; for this effort to grow, or greater gospel-impact throughout Asia. Our workers are few and there is SO much to do! We appreciate your help.

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