May 4


Personal Letter: Kaimana, Papua in Indonesia

1-4 June 2011, we will be in Kaimana, Indonesia.

Kaimana is a developing part of Indonesia located on the large eastern-mostisland called Papua. We are preparing with the local churches in Kaimana. Itwill be awesome!

We are planning to give a New Testament Bible to every new believer!Churches are preparing to receive these new Sons and Daughters of God aswell. This may be our best Hope Festival yet!

We have to work fast! .there are only “DAYS” TO PREPARE!

Kaimana churches are trying to raise funds as they prepare. We are alsodoing the same, but the resources are limited. We need prayer and financialsupport.

We are urgently needing partners for this Hope Festival to happen.

Please read my personal letter about Kaimana to know more:http://www.nationshope.org/storage/downloads/news/JasonBetler-Kaimana.pdf

Please consider partnering with us quickly. Let us know what you will do.

Partnering & Giving Info: www.nationshope.org/partner

Email Contact: info@nationshope.org


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