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Much of our support still originates from the United States. The declining value of the US Dollar over the past several months has limited us severely. We cut costs where we can, but must not stop our work.

I believe “The Nations Hope” is not my vision. It is what God has spoken for me to do in Asia and for Asia and we carry it by faith. While traveling with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, I still remember the Holy Spirit speaking to me, to

1. Start a ministry of a similar nature (evangelism in mass numbers),
2. Focus on East Asia,
3. Call it The Nations Hope, and
4. Preach a message of hope.

We have done so since 2005 and are determined to finish our lives doing the same. We want to see what god wants to do!

I encourage you to partner with us. Let us reap this harvest of souls in Asia, together!

This is not asking for a personal salary. It is for the work of the ministry. We are currently preparing for our next outreach in Indonesia. Local churches in these remote areas do what they can (in preparation and finance) but we need your help to get us there and to cover any additional expenses. (Here is a personal letter I wrote regarding this upcoming campaign: the date has now been changed to July 6-9.)

God’s plans are not small and you are no small part of them.

With Love and Determined Faith in Christ,

Jason Betler

About the Author Jason Betler

Jason Betler is an evangelist and founder of The Nations Hope. He preaches the good news of Jesus Christ around the world, has seen multiplied thousands of people come to the Lord, and is witness to the wonder-working power of the Holy Spirit. He also ministers in churches and other gatherings. Jason and his wife Angelique reside with their three children in the Pittsburgh area.

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