May 24



Change is upon us. As I pray about what God wants to do in Asia (and the role of The Nations Hope in particular), I believe the Lord is expanding our efforts. Here are some of the changes we will be adopting:

Firstly, we will begin some regular Spirit-filled meetings in Singapore where we are based. These will begin with prayer meetings in June and July, in Singapore.

Second; through these meetings, we can build up a worship team and an active group of intercessors for the outreach efforts. I also hope this will be an encouragement to the local churches in Singapore. The meetings will also focus on equipping believers for Spirit-filled evangelism/outreach ministry in their own communities and local churches.

Finally, we will incorporate evangelism training/equipping of believers throughout China and several other Asian nations. I believe the trainied netwoek of believers will open a door of “gospel-opportunity” like never before. This will allow us to hold “multi-media” crusade outreach through our network of trained believers! The prospects are awsome!

More information will soon be available on our website, www.NationsHope.org

I will also try to keep the information flowing to you through our newsletters.

If you are in Singapore, we would enjoy hearing from you. Contact us to get involved. It will be much more exciting with you, and not worth much without you.

…and THANK YOU all for praying with us. Your friendship and continued prayers are so important to us!


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