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A faith-filled prayer life is the immune system of every believer in Christ Jesus. 

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Asia Friendship Tour

March 18-29

This will be Jason Betler's inaugural trip back to Asia, and it is an important one. He will be in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia to connect with friends (new and old), prepare future gospel campaigns, meet with pastors, and local leaders.

We have a new "Events" page on our website. You can see (or participate with what is up and coming on this page: www.nationshope.org/events

Other News

Just before Christmas, I announced my family and I were relocating to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Well... we did it! We moved.

I cannot lie - it was hard! It was hard to leave the people we love in San Jose. It was hard to arrive in the house we are renting and experience plumbing issues (which created an indoor waterfall feature and a nice plumbing bill to pay for all the excitement). Finding and coordinating furniture has also been hard. ...but much like exhaustion, all these things are temporary 🙂

However, our children were able to experience snow for the first time in their lives! And they were able to start meeting family; cousins, aunts and uncles that they have not been able to meet before. (We previously lived in Orlando, Singapore and California which made all of these experiences difficult.)


We will keep moving forward by faith. Just as we have relocated by faith, we will now be rebuilding The Nations Hope - by faith.

When you have faith, you have more than "zero".

All too often, the mention of faith sounds like wishful thinking, or a blind leap into unknown darkness. But this sort of "blind faith" is not Biblical.

We do not act according to what we do not know. We act according to what we know about God. That is faith!
"Faith" then, in the heart and life of a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, is a leap into the light and knowledge of God.

So with all confidence, I can say we are moving by faith. We have all confidence in what God has called us to to.

Already, the next steps are coming together and I plan to be in Asia next month! Please pray for us (see below).



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Take it to the Lord in Prayer

When you pray, consider remembering the following [below]


Southeast Asia in March 2020

This will be the inaugural trip back to Asia, and it is an important one. Pray for the details, contacts and itinerary for this trip. It seems to be constantly developing because the opportunity is growing! There will be decisions to make for activity in 2020 and into 2021, friends to reconnect with and new friends to make. Let's believe for the Lord's will to be done for the sake of maximum harvest. Hallelujah! 


Partner Connections

While I know what the Lord has called me to do, partnerships are equally as important. The more partners we have, the more reason there is to celebrate. It is more fun (and we get more done) when we work together. Some partners pray. Some can pay. We urgently need them all so we can focus and move forward as a ministry. Pray this develops quickly. And feel free to tell others about The Nations Hope.


Souls to be Saved

It is never too late to pray for salvation. That is why we are rebuilding The Nations Hope.  Many Christians "say" people need to be saved from sin, Satan and hell... but how many actually pray for people to be saved? Make sure you do! Pray as Jesus taught us to pray in Mathew 9:38 "pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest" and you will know the burden of the Lord, His needs, and expect a harvest of souls.