May 22


Turning Many from Darkness to Light

Declaring God’s Greatest Miracle to the World! 

As an Evangelist, I am excited about any opportunity that can potentially bring hundreds of thousands, and even multiplied “millions” of people into the kingdom of God! Every soul is significant and eternal and it is our responsibility to reach them. If the church does not reach them, there is very little chance that they will reach out to the church.

Taking to the Airwaves – “The Miracle of Salvation”


In keeping with our commitment to reaching Asia with the gospel, media, and worldwide evangelism, The Nations Hope is launching a radio show! It is true that the airwaves are cluttered with many radio shows that encompass the globe. They discuss everything from raising children and Bible studies to cooking your families favorite meals and managing your time. This broadcast is different. It has one singular focus; winning the lost for Jesus Christ!The broadcast is called “The Miracle of Salvation.” It is purely evangelistic in nature. This will be a 30 minute weekly broadcast that is focused on the cross of Jesus Christ; God’s message to the world and the only way of salvation.Thanks to the wonderful people at HCJB Radio, our small beginnings can have a potentially large impact. The broadcast will cover a large parcentage of Southeast Asia, India (and Pakistan), and some portions of China.Radio stands to be a powerful tool for winning the lost. With it, we will be able to reach people living offshore on boats throughout the Asian coastline without getting wet! Unreached people groups will be surprised by the gospel when they switch on their radios! And countless others will either tune in on a regular basis or stumble across the gospel while changing stations.“The Miracle of Salvation” is programmed for Tuesdays at 1000UTC on a frequency of 15540kHz. Broadcasting will begin May 23, 2006.It will air at 5pm /6pm /7pm in Indonesia (depending on your location); 6pm in Singapore and Malaysia; 4:30pm in Thailand & Myanmar. The broadcast will also be broadcast to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal as a mid to late afternoon broadcast.

Let’s Make a DifferenceSEA world

Apart from the production of a weekly broadcast, there is also the added administrative demands that must also be addressed. Therefore, The Nations Hope is currently setting up a “point of contact” in Singapore for the correspondence that will be produced through this broadcast. .I sincerely pray that you share similar enthusiasm for bringing the gospel to this vast audience who desperately need to hear it.


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