January 18


Image of God in Man …a very little man

It is with great joy that our family of four becomes five!

God has given us Jeremiah Samuel Betler who was born in Singapore on 18 January 2010 at 5:31pm, weighing 3.970 kg. …with a big head! πŸ˜‰

Angelique (my wife) was a true champion and is doing well. Plenty of pictures will soon follow, but this one from my Blackberry was the best I could get to you for now. (More pictures will follow.)

I can hardly wait for Jeremiah to meet his big sister Juoleanne (now 5) and big tough-guy brother Jonathan (almost 20 months). Jeremiah is somewhat special to us because our first two children came to life in the United States. Jeremiah Samuel however, was “made in Singapore;” our new home. Parenthood is an amazing privilege!

As I looked at this new little man, I thought about the supreme privilege and honor we have to be made into the image of God. We have the amazing opportunity to imitate the holy ways of God. No other creature carries such dignity. We were made by God to reflect God. And we are most human when we do it.

I trust that Jeremiah Samuel Betler will have plenty of opportunities to be human.

Welcome, Jeremiah!!! Can’t wait to see what Jesus has prepared for you!

We love you little man, Daddy and Mommy πŸ˜‰


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  • Jason! We are SO happy for you and Angelique! Welcome to the world, precious little Jeremiah Samuel! May the Lord’s Spirit be strong in you, little man, to see the power of Jesus prevail against the powers that keep men in bondage. May you be a bold speaker and doer of truth, always led by wisdom and seasoned with grace. May your identity be always firmly grounded in your position as God’s cherished son.

    Andrea, Noah and Evangeline all say “hi” to Jeremiah, Juoleanne, and Jonathan. And a special “we love you” to hard-working Angelique – having babies is tough! May the Lord fill you, Angelique, with deeper joy than you’ve ever known as you recover from the birth and enter into this new phase in parenthood.

    Bless you, brother. May you and your family be kept every day in the shelter of the Most High. We love you so much.



  • Congratulations! The Lord has increased you GREATLY since our Masters classes in Florida a few years ago.

    The “little man” is BEAUTIFUL. May the Holy Spirit implant in him (through you and your wife) a heart for knowing Jesus deeply and passionatly and may he share the same passion as you for the unreached of the world.



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