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Christians do life differently

We often take queues from the world around us, or even our church. But what does the Bible say Christians do...like, every day?!

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Evangelism shows God's heart to our broken world

"On His name shall the nations hope."  
(Matthew 12:21)

The Church needs most what God gave her first... the working power of the Holy Spirit. @Jason Betler
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What Did They Say?

Reinhard Bonnke


Evangelist Jason Betler is well known to me. He is of impeccable character and lives an exemplary life. Jason has a deep burden for the lost to be saved and carries a powerful evangelistic anointing. His heart is burning with the fire of the Holy Spirit to see the captives set free. Although he ministers across the world, the continent of his special calling is Asia. God’s hand rests mightily upon him and I believe the Lord will use him to shake whole nations.

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Dennis Balcombe


Brother Jason Betler has traveled with us extensively in mainland China and has ministered in several major house church network leadership meetings. His ministry in China has helped hundreds of church leaders. We also know he travels to many Asian nations, has ministered all over Asia and understands the needs of Chinese and other Asian. I can highly recommend him.

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