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Build a Childrens' Home in Tsunami-affected Palu, Indonesia

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You and The Nations Hope have the opportunity to impact a city.

28 September 2018, a tsunami, with waves reaching higher that utility poles, flattened much of the small city of Palu Indonesia. The water piled up as it traveled through the bay towards the city which happened to be celebrating its 30th birthday.

The force of the waters twisted bridges, destroyed buildings and washed away everything in its path. Water mixed with the soil so much that many buildings, trees were carried away in the mud.

The mud was especially dangerous. Many of the deaths from a tsunami are the result of the receding waters carrying people out to sea. This one, however, was different as many people (I am told thousands) were buried alive in the flowing mud.

This all followed an earthquake on the same island of Sewlewesi and a series of aftershocks. In the end, at least 2100 people lost their lives. Upwards of 17,000 people were displaced. Families are devestated. Parents losing children and many children have lost parents in the tsunami.

...but we want to help with the rebuilding efforts.


We will be partnering with Mercy Indonesia to help build a childrens home.

This home will be built in Palu and house at least 50 children. It will give these children a nurturing place to learn and have a restored sense of family. It will also serve as a powerful testimony of the love of Jesus in this community.

The total need (as of 20 November 2018) is $70,000 US dollars. (I will update this number as new information is available.)

Please consider helping with this project. And please feel free to contact us at connect@nationshope.org for more information.

Overall Goal

The total goal for this project is $70,000 US dollars. 

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