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Jason Betler has been spending a lot of time speaking in Singapore the past few months encouraging and equipping the body of Christ. From large churches, halfway houses, youth churches and more! …several

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Fruit Within

The past several weeks have been busy with ministry in Singapore. I have been busy ministering in several different churches and youth ministries throughout the city. At the same time, several exciting

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Evangelism Training in Malaysia

We believe part of the vision and purpose of every evangelism effort must include the equipping of the saints for ministry. Pastors, Apostles, Evangelists, Teachers, & Prophets are all necessary to

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Nusakambangan Prison

What a joy it was to work with friends at Nusakambangan prison in Indonesia for their first-ever Christmas celebration! Nusakambangan is a notorious maximum security island prison off the coast of Java.

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Report: Alor Island, Indonesia

Alor Island is one of the most eastern islands in Indonesia. One word to describe it is “beautiful.” Another may be “hard to get to.” Yet another would be “diverse.” Apart from its remote beauty,

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Christmas Greetings!

Listen to this special Christmas greeting from Jason Betler and his family.

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