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Kaimana Postponed

We are working hard to prepare our next Hope Festival in Kaimana, Indonesia on the island of Papua. You may have heard of the recent airplane crash in the same town (Kaimana) that occurred on May 6th.

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Bold and Believing

Chinese believers receive the baptism of the Holy SpiritWhat kind of faith do you have? Many believers speak of having “big faith.” In our human thinking, our problems can appear to be larger

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Report: Nunukan, Indonesia

What a blessing it was to hold a small hope Festival in Nunukan, Indonesia. This was the first time the churches worked together to hold some type of open-air outreach. What a wonderful partnership

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Personal Letter: Kaimana, Papua in Indonesia

1-4 June 2011, we will be in Kaimana, Indonesia. Kaimana is a developing part of Indonesia located on the large eastern-mostisland called Papua. We are preparing with the local churches in Kaimana. Itwill

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Indonesia Office: no longer in use

At least once each year I look at my life and the overall ministry to adjust or remove things that are not helping or limiting The Nations Hope from reaching its goals. Recently, I had to make

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Nunukan: Report Coming Soon

Our recent Hope Festival in Nunukan, Indonesia was a success! I will besending a report soon. In the meantime, we are already setting our feet;preparing for the next Hope Festival for June 1-4.

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