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What to Make of the Death of John Chau?

Recent headlines have drawn attention to the death of John Allen Chau, a 26 year old American missionary – who was killed by an indigenous tribe in India’s North Sentinel Island. This (he believed)

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Are You “Feeling Saved?”

Read Jason Betler’s recent cover article in Vantagepoint magazine (a ministry of Eagle Communications in Singapore) Understand how you can know if you are “saved” or not… especially

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Seeking the Pleasure Seekers

Cover: Vantagepoint MagazineRecently published article by Jason Betler “Seeking the Peasure Seekers” addresses how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a pleasure-seeking world. The

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Following Hope in a New Year

Christmas has just passed but this single scripture from the Christmas story still rings in my ears for the new year. “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.” Matthew

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People will often say things like “I just don’t seem to fit in.” Or, “I don’t feel like I belong here.” Or maybe “I just have not yet found myself.” They

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That is Power

“Power” is an attractive word. It is something that every person seems to want. Those who are disadvantaged want it in order to give them an advantage. Those who possess “power”

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