Lewa – Sumba Island, Indonesia

ONE Island, TWO Weeks, Part 2 of 3  Immediately following our time of ministry in Waikabubak, we drove the long jungle road to Lewa. Lewa is centrally located in the island of Sumba, Indonesia. The population

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Waikabubak – Sumba Island, Indonesia

ONE Island, TWO weeks, Part 1of 3 So much has happened on Sumba Island in Indonesia that I thought it best to write a report in three parts. Each report will focus one individual locations. The first

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REPORT: Soe, Indonesia

The Hope Festival in Soe, Indonesia (July 4-7) was a great success. CONDITIONS Soe is located high on a mountain top. The two hour drive from the city of Kupang winds upward all the way to the town center

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Setting the Standard

And Moses said to Aaron, “What did this people do to you that you have brought so great a sin upon them?” – Exodus 32:21 Familiarity can be an awful adversary. It creeps in when we are weak and

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The Debtor… who knew God’s faithfulness

Paul was a man who is greatly respected by everyone who is familiar with the Bible. His personal story of trying to destroy the early church and then becoming one of its greatest advocates is nothing

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Easter Thoughts

There are many ways to rescue someone from a distance. Many of us would send money. Others would send a specialist in our place. But for humanity, God Himself came in person and in human flesh. He had

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