Love is Love is Not Love

In this Episode of “Living Hope Today”… Culture is a powerful influence but not always true. It is popular to say “love is love” as if all types of love are the same. In this

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A Living Hope

THIS video is on a new YouTube channel to facilitate our reach of this new broadcast. WATCH it > SUBSCRIBE to the channel > SHARE the heck out of it! Help me get 100+ YouTube Subscribers ...

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How to Find Faith in Difficult Times

Are you "losing faith?" During times of difficulty, present challenges often cause us to feel as though Jesus is far away. Many people struggle with faith when times are difficult. Using Matthew 14:22-32,

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Sharing Hope in Pittsburgh

Jason Betler recently shared about his journey and the ministry of The Nations Hope on Cornerstone Television's show, "Real Life." Tom McGough hosted the interview. 

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Destroying the Work of the Devil

If there is a "devil" as Scripture says, none of us in our right mind would claim to like him. ...would we? Here is what the Bible says: “He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned

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What to Make of the Death of John Chau?

Recent headlines have drawn attention to the death of John Allen Chau, a 26 year old American missionary – who was killed by an indigenous tribe in India’s North Sentinel Island. This (he believed)

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