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Healing Week: Bartimaeus #2 “The Beggar Who Did Not Pity Himself”

Beggars like Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) often depend upon public pity for their existence. Without love and pity, most-likely, he was largely ignored. Yet, despite his desperate situation, Bartimaeus never

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Healing Week: Bartimaeus #1 “He is Here!”

The story of Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46-52 is a powerful illustration of faith and healing. A blind beggar, Bartimaeus sat and heard the stirring of the people. When he asked what was happening, he was told

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Healing Week: “His Compassion is His Guarantee”

If I would say my wife does not care about me (especially when I am not well) invalidates her love for me. It shames her and declares that our relationship is a farce. Fake. Even more, to suggest that

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Healing Week: “More Than Able”

Can God heal? Most people would agree that He can, but faith does not only rest on God’s ability to do something. God’s ability to heal does not make Him obligated to perform healing. A billionaire

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Healing Week: “Reconciled to Himself”

WARNING: This is a deeper lesson for those who choose to think more deeply. 😉 When someone chooses to “reconcile” something, it means that all things are resolved and settled according to

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Healing Week: “Some Fast, Some Slow”

The 10 lepers heard the words of Jesus, “go show yourselves to the priest.” (Luke 17:14) I imagine these leprous men making a mad dash for the temple. People on the street would see them coming

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