Fruit Within

The past several weeks have been busy with ministry in Singapore. I have been busy ministering in several different churches and youth ministries throughout the city. At the same time, several exciting projects in Indonesia and Myanmar are also preparing for launch. (Some of these can only be announced much later.)

As the fruit of ministry grows and expands externally, it is also a great blessing to know there is growth happening internally. Of of the most significant changes is the recent renovation of our Committee in Singapore. We have many new members who are such a great encouragement to me. I really thank God for all of them. with their help, The Nations Hope will reach the next level in 2014. 

Prayer, and the support of our existing and also new ministry partners is just as critical for this effort to succeed.  My personal prayer times include prayer for all of these people; our Committee members, prayer warriors, financial supporters and other ministry partners throughout eastern Asia. Friendship and partnership are serious matters and I am most grateful.

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This lifetime is our only time to work. And I believe we will NEVER have a better opportunity in Asia than right now. The destinies of entire nations are changing. Age-old cultures are adapting. People groups are moving location of residence. Mega-cities are being built. Morality and the value of human life is being questioned. …and Jesus is the hope for the nations.

God Bless You, and thank you for encouraging me. We must continue. Asia MUST be saved!

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About the Author Jason Betler

Jason communicates for transformed lives. He is the founding evangelist for The Nations Hope and lead pastor of Life Tree Church in San Jose, California.

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