August 13


Pray for Kupang and Sabu Island, Indonesia

We will be partnering with Radio Dian Mandiri in Indonesia to reach out to their listening community in Kupang and than in Sabu Island, 23-28 August.

Please add this outreach to your time of prayer. Believe with us for a wave of salvation and healing. May the presence of God touch, heal and deliver.  

In the past, this same partnership has yielded a tremendous harvest of souls and amazing healing testimonies. In fact, I recall our first campaign in Indonesia. the outreach was simulcast over the radio and many testimonies were sent to the radio station by SMS. One I remember was a man who was unable to walk for 3 years. He heard us praying over the radio and was healing. “I am running around my back yard!” was his testimony. 🙂  Praise the Lord!  

There is no limit to what God can do. Whatever the problem on whatever the island, country, state, or situation, …God is bigger! therefore we have a great and living hope! 

Remember us as you pray before the Lord. 


Every Blessing, 

Jason Betler



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