September 18


Announcing… Hope for Dobo!

6, 7, 8 and 9 November, we are looking forward to souls being saved in Dobo, Indonesia! This is the date and location of our next Hope Festival.

Time is short and we must pray hard and act fast to prepare. I hope you will stand with us and believe for souls to be won to Jesus.

Advertising must start as soon as possible. The sound system and permits must be secured. Churches and the follow up discipleship efforts for new believers must be prepared. Bibles and other material must be shipped. Believers must be informed and prepared to invite friends… this is no easy task.

The overall budget for this event is $6,500 USD ($8,000 SGD). We are praying for this amount to be raised so that we can best support this event and have a strong partnership with local churches.

Please add this event to your prayer calendar and pray for souls, Souls, SOULS to be reached and saved in Dobo, Indonesia this November!


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