Kaimana Postponed

We are working hard to prepare our next Hope Festival in Kaimana, Indonesia on the island of Papua.

You may have heard of the recent airplane crash in the same town (Kaimana) that occurred on May 6th. there were no survivors. Our man organizing was there working with the churches to prepare the Hope Festival and was in the airport when he heard that his incoming flight (the same aircraft he was to be departing on) crashed into the sea. It was a terrible scare to him, myself and it seems also to the entire town of Kaimana.

As a result of the airplane crash and also to allow more time to raise the budget for the outreach, we are moving the Hope Festival one month later from 1-4 June to its new date 6-9 July.

We invite you to pray for the families of the victims in the crash and to also join in supporting this upcoming Hope Festival in the same. We also value your financial support to help us reach Kaimana. I pray that the recent tradgedy will be swallowed up in triumph as we proclaim life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

We are still needing partners for this Hope Festival.

Please read my personal letter about Kaimana to know more: http://www.nationshope.org/storage/downloads/news/JasonBetler-Kaimana.pdf

Yours in Christ,
Jason Betler

About the Author Jason Betler

Jason Betler is the founding evangelist of The Nations Hope, and an ordained minister of The Foursquare Church. A "dad joke" enthusiast, Jason and his wife Angelique reside with their three children in San Jose, California.

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