November 8


Merauke …postponed

Merauke, Indonesia UpdateThis is a special announcement regarding the plans for our upcoming Hope Festival in Merauke, Indonesia.

As we prepare for an outreach event, we have to make many decisions. In this case, regarding the upcoming Hope Festival in Merauke, Indonesia, we have had to make the decision to postpone until a later date. (We are hoping for early 2012.)

This is a difficult decision that was necessary due to changing local circumstances and also the delayed pace of raising the budget for this event. Our Hope Festivals are done with the partnership of local churches whenever possible. This works best in most situations. In this special case, however, it was agreed by myself, our Indonesian representative and the local committee in Merauke to postpone.

Please note that the resources given for Merauke will still be used for this event. We are still very optimistic that the outreach to Merauke will take place in the near future and be very fruitful. This is merely a postponement.

No one likes delays, but we must accept them when necessary. However, our faith never waiver. Jesus saves!


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