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Kuala Kapuas …coming up. October 5-8

Our “Hope Festivals” are exciting because they posses unlimited potential.

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There is an answer for all sin and its bondage. His name is “Jesus.”
Sin is the bondage-maker, but Jesus is the bondage-breaker! (Romans 6:14)
God takes sin seriously. That is why the Bible tells us that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. (1John 3:8)  His work is sin. But if we are about doing God’s work, we must be setting people free from sin through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I will be preaching the bondage-breaking gospel of Jesus Christ in Kualu Kapuas, Indonesia next month. Many people will hear of Christ for the very first time. Others will understand God’s love and forgiveness for the first time. And still others will be reminded of His salvation and fall in love with Jesus all over again.


The gospel of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit give our Hope Festivals unlimited potential. But it does not happen without other people like you partnering with us in this effort. We cannot do this by ourselves. Let’s “break through” with the gospel in Kualu Kapuas together.
Can you help get us there?! We try hard to manage the budget and cut all unnecessary costs whenever possible. Our current budget is $20,000 USD. The amount is needed to cover the cost of airfare, travel expenses and local accommodation for our small ministry team (with interpreter) and includes larger expenses such as the sound system rental, platform (stage), local advertising and promotion.
Please partner with us quickly. Whatever amount you can sow into this great deliverance is appreciated. Let us reap a mighty harvest of souls together!

Yours for the Gospel,

Jason Betler 

About the Author Jason Betler

Jason Betler is an evangelist and founder of The Nations Hope. He preaches the good news of Jesus Christ around the world, has seen multiplied thousands of people come to the Lord, and is witness to the wonder-working power of the Holy Spirit. He also ministers in churches and other gatherings. Jason and his wife Angelique reside with their three children in the Pittsburgh area.

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